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Where can we use Sudhaa?

Educational setup

Students learn best when they actively participate in class discussions and collaborate to seek answers. We reward students who provide the best answer to a problem. What if we rewarded students who asked the most thought provoking question? And to further enhance the challenge, what if we encouraged other students to collaborate and compete with their fellow students to solve the questions? Would not that make the entire learning experience a fun filled excitement? Sudhaa enables every student to pose a multiple choice question. Fellow students can than collaborate and compete to crack as many questions as possible. Though the one with most correct answer wins, the reality is the entire group wins. This is an excellent tool for teachers and instructors to enrich the learning experience for their students.

Team building and social events

In social and business events people who know each other often cluster around forming multiple disconnected subgroups. Quite a few tend to stay alone feeling bored. This leads to wasted networking opportunities and boring events. Sudhaa motivates total interactivity by encouraging everyone to collaborate and compete in a game to uncover a secret team. In the process everyone builds personal connection with each other. Its a fun and exciting activity that guarantees total networking.

How to play the game?



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Written by Ram Pai.